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Happy New Year 2024!!!

2023 was a mixed bag for me.

On the bad side, I hurt my back badly and ended up having injections and going through 6 months of physical therapy. And then I got laid off as the company switched strategic visions.

But while there are difficult times there are also good things as well. I found a new job. I made some great connections in the process: at my former company, at my new organization and with some folks in between. In the therapy I learned some new exercises to put in my daily routine. My back is better and I returned to teaching Taekwondo, even with a slightly larger role.

But with all that going on I have had to step back a bit from my DEI. I looking forward to moving back into that space in 2024. I appreciate everyone who has read this blog and look forward to hearing from you in 2024.

So, I hope your hard times were few and your good times were many. I hope you got a chance to savor the good stuff and I hope your 2024 will have lots of good.

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Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson
Jan 02

Thanks for all you do David, exited to hear from you more in 2024.


Jan 02

Glad to hear you made it through the tough moments and are getting back to being yourself again.

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