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My name is David Terne. 

8 min 46 sec. My patience vanished.  

I have been trying to advance Diversity and Inclusion in the corporate world as an ally for well over a decade.  I have chaired Diversity and Inclusion committees. I have written Diversity and Inclusion strategies. I have been an ERG executive sponsor and a member of ERGs.  I have been a mentor and been mentored.

I have been trying to move the proverbial mountain for a while.  The entire time everyone said to be patient - "it will take time".  Then I saw the George Floyd video and my patience vanished.  After seeing that video I knew I had to somehow do more.  Hence I am starting this blog.  I have met so many people who want to be an ally but don't know how to start. I hope this will get people off the fence. I hope it will create more allies and accelerate the change that is necessary in our corporate world.  

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