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Be Back Soon

Some folks have noticed I have not posted this year and I wanted to explain why.

As I mentioned my New Year’s post, 2023 was a rough time.  I went through some serious back issues and months of physical therapy.  As I was getting back on my feet I got COVID.  Then COVID decided once was not enough and I got it again as a Christmas present.  As you can imagine that set my rehab back a bit.

While all of that was going on I was starting a wonderful, new job.

So I have been focusing on the new job and my health. I am on the mend but I still have a bit to go, so  I am going to take a break from the blog for a bit.  But just a bit!  I plan to get back to posting at the end of the year.

I appreciate everyone who has reached out and sent thoughts and encouragement.  I look forward to re-engaging in a few months.

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